Performance Audit


You've come to the right place if you:


  • Need extra capacity to execute a performance audit
  • Want to uplift your team's capability in using data
  • Would like an independent review of a PA (quality assurance)
  • Want an external perspective to help develop your PA forward work program

What would you like to do today?

1. Hire us to deliver a PA


There will be times when you need external resources to deliver your PA program.

This can be for a variety of reasons including unforeseen staff constraints, unplanned audits (e.g. ministerial referrals) or emerging risk areas requiring an audit.


You need a team that can hit the ground running and deliver your audits to consistently high standards. 

Whether fully outsourced, joint delivery, or specialist input, you can rest assured that we will support you to fully deliver on your PA mandate.


Here are some examples of our thinking on the progression of performance auditing:




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2. Uplift your team’s data capability


You know the importance of using data in every PA.

But you may not currently have the internal capability to use data, or the resources for standalone data training. So how can you make sure your team is not missing out?


We overcome this by working with your team to execute a PA using data as a key focus.  Your team learns and applies data skills and techniques while delivering an audit. 

It’s a practical solution that elevates your team’s data capability and also delivers on your audit program.


Here are some examples of our thinking on using data in performance auditing:




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3. Evaluate the quality of your PAs


Auditors strive for the highest levels of quality in their work. You want to make sure that your work aligns with the relevant auditing standards, can withstand scrutiny and delivers real insights and impact to your audience.

A fresh set of eyes helps to ensure consistently high standards. 

An independent, impartial evaluation of performance audits (and assurance reviews) demonstrates your commitment to ongoing improvement.

You may want to combine hot reviews (in-flight), warm reviews (after fieldwork, before you table your audit report) and cold reviews (after you table your audit report).

You may also find value in a broader evaluation of your PA function over a defined period (e.g. in preparation for your office’s legislated strategic review).


Here are some examples of our thinking about what a QA review should focus on:



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4. Develop a forward work program


Every audit office needs to select audits that will deliver optimal value for their oversight committees, public sector agencies and the public.

It’s likely that you will develop a forward work program (a.k.a strategic audit plan) with a multi-year horizon, to focus your activity in those years.

An effective work program means you need to select the right audits, to be done at the right time and using the most appropriate tools and techniques.  

We can enhance your strategic audit planning, combining insights and experience from various jurisdictions to identify the most significant public sector risks. We will challenge your identification, assessment and selection of PA topics.

You will have a defensible work program that covers the issues that matter most.


Here are examples of our thinking on how to frame your strategic audit planning:



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