The Assurance Show


The podcast that focuses on data & risk - for performance auditors and internal auditors.


Hosted by Conor McGarrity and Yusuf Moolla, the co-founders of Risk Insights. 

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Episode 0 | Feb 10, 2020

Introduction to the Assurance Show

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Episode 32 | Jan 4, 2021

Data visualization with Alli Torban

Episode 30 | Dec 7, 2020

John Moore - CTO of Queensland Audit Office

Episode 26 | Nov 9, 2020

Carlos Phoenix on cyber and audit

Episode 25 | Nov 2, 2020

An introduction to Yusuf Moolla

Episode 23 | Oct 5, 2020

Maximize the benefits of using data within audit

Episode 22 | Sep 28, 2020

Josam Watson - CRO of Tyme and ex-CAE

Episode 20 | Sep 7, 2020

Data related terminology that is commonly misused

Episode 19 | Aug 24, 2020

An introduction to Conor McGarrity

Episode 15 | Jun 29, 2020

Using data for audit efficiency outcomes

Episode 14 | Jun 15, 2020

How auditors need to think about Data Governance

Episode 13 | Jun 1, 2020

Open Data for internal audit and performance audit

Episode 4 | Apr 6, 2020

Increasing audit value by going beyond the audit report

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Show Hosts

Conor McGarrity

Conor McGarrity


My focus is public sector governance, performance and integrity systems.

I enjoy helping clients use data to uncover new insights and to deliver on strategy and commitments.

Yusuf Moolla


I help use data to provide assurance and ensure integrity, working with audit teams and integrity agencies. 

Most of my 20 year career has been within professional services, balanced between technical and managerial roles.