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The podcast that focuses on data & risk - for performance auditors and internal auditors.

Hosted by Conor McGarrity and Yusuf Moolla, the co-founders of Risk Insights. 


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In this episode we introduce the show:

 - who it is for
 - what we discuss
 - the format / structure
 - release schedule
 - how listeners can get involved

This episode was recorded in October 2020, eight months after the real 1st episode, then backdated to reflect as the 1st episode of the show.  We explain why we did this at the beginning of the episode.

Episode 29. Andrew Clark on Machine Learning Assurance


Andrew talks to us about machine learning (ML) and what auditors should consider regarding ML assurance.

You can reach out to Andrew via the Monitaur website.

Episode 28. David Haylor on Internal Audit recruitment and leadership


David talks to us about IAC's latest report, the Talent Barometer and the upcoming Diversity report. 

He shares his views on a range of issues including: 

  • Data skill gaps
  • Leadership skill gaps
  • Why culture is important

David is open to connecting with Internal Auditors. You can reach out to him on LinkedIn.

Episode 27. Improve reporting by answering these questions about your audience


In this episode we discuss how answering a few simple questions about your audience can improve your audit reporting.

These help make several report areas better:

  1. Scope and title
  2. Context
  3. Findings / Improvement opps

Episode 26. Carlos Phoenix on cyber and audit


Carlos talks to us about what auditors should consider regarding cyber security and information security. 

He shares his views on a range of issues including: 

  • Cyber security
  • How cyber security and information security differ
  • What auditors should focus on in planning and conducting cyber audits
  • O.MG cables (you'll have to listen to find out)

Carlos is open to connecting with like-minded professionals.
You can reach out to him on LinkedIn.

Episode 24


Discovery exercises can help de-risk internal audits and performance audits


In this episode we discuss why discovery exercises are becoming very useful for audits.

They help de-risk the conduct of audits, and the three main scenarios we use them for:

  1. Audit topic validation and overall audit planning
  2. Scoping, depth and deliverable
  3. Planning individual audits

Episode 23


Maximize the benefits of using data within audit


In this episode we explore Principle 3 - Maximize the Benefits of the use of data within Internal Audit and Performance Audit.

a: Sharing lessons amongst the team. 
3b: Identifying other risks and opportunities. 
3c: Continuous improvement. 

Link: The blog article where this principle was originally outlined 

Episode 22


Josam Watson - CRO of Tyme and ex-CAE


Note: This is a guest interview.


Josam Watson is the CRO of Tyme, a digital banking group that owns one of the world’s fastest growing digital banks. 

He was previously Chief Audit Executive of a large credit union. Before that, he spent time in internal audit, risk consulting, external audit and in banking operations.

Josam talks to us about what he has learned working in various international markets. 

He shares his views on a range of issues including: 

  • internal audit independence (spoiler: he thinks it is overplayed)
  • how internal audit and risk functions have the same focus
  • exerting influence in a positive way over organizational culture
  • Internal audit creating value – by focusing on both performance and conformance
  • why every auditor should have a data mindset, to find and solve business problems.  


Josam enjoys networking with risk and assurance professionals.
You can reach out to him on LinkedIn.


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